Sunday, 3 July 2011

sissy toilet cam slave

Sissy Toilets webcam abuse

(this is a true story although some details have been slightly changed)

I had been a member of scatboi a few months and already had eaten a little of my own shit but I would not say I was an  experienced shit eater, I hoped in scatboi I would find someone who would use me as the sissy toilet slave that I knew was my place in life.  So I bought a webcam and thought I would see if anyone would be interested in using me on cam or for real.

It all was rather slow at first, too many subs and too few Tops so I guess I had to just wait my turn. Then one evening, when I had put on my lingerie and high heels and maids dress, it happened.  A Master had seen my post on scatboi and ordered me to go on cam.  At the same time I was sent a questionnaire which I was ordered to complete while kneeling at my desk. I also had to kneel on a piece of hard wood which I was told to cover with hard uncooked beans.  I didn’t think this would be so bad until I saw the questionnaire….it was massive, 12 pages in total.   I had to list all my clothing and all the toys that I owned and write a 300 word essay on my scat experience.  It wasnt so bad though as I an type quite quickly so I guessed I should be on my knees on the hard beans for about 15 minutes.  So as I began to type the answers to the questionnaire  as he watched me on my webcam, he ordered me to stop and to place my right hand on my head. So I would only be typing with one hand.  It was very difficult as I’m right handed and I made so many mistakes that the 15 minutes came and went and I had only completed 3 pages of the questionnaire.  The pain in my knees was agony, the hard beans pressing hard into my knees. 

Then came his order to STOP MOVING and ensure that my knees were tight together.  After 30 minutes I was in so much pain that I thought I should just turn my camera off and escape but I knew if I did that then my new Master would ignore me from that moment on so I obediently knelt still and continued the impossible task using one finger to type. It took 50minutes to complete the task and I never knew whether I was being watched by Him or not.  When I told him  had completed the task he simply said send the questionnaire back then told me rather cruelly that he hadn’t been watching me at all for the last 30 minutes as he was chatting to someone else on line and was having a beer.  He then ordered me to show him my ass and to make sure I was wearing white panties and on every occasion he saw me I was to be in white panties.

I was then ordered to get a butt plug my highest heels and an old stocking.  I was ordered to tie a knot in the stocking and then bend over and shit a small amount of shit into my hand.  When I had done this I was ordered again to my knees and told to lick the turd.  I did so until it was shiny and wet  then as instructed I placed the shit in the stocking and tied a knot behind it so it looked like a shit ball gag.  Next  I inserted the butt plug and put some hard uncooked rice in my shoes. Master ordered me to put the butt plug in my shit hole…put the shoes on and attach my shit gag.  Hands cuffed behind my back I was ordered to stand in the corner in webcam view knees and ankles tight together.  Master told me that on no account was any drool from the shit gag allowed to dribble out….i was to swallow the sludgy shit as it dissolved in the shit gag.  Before very long my feet were screaming in pain and the shit in my mouth was dissolving and it tasted horrible. I started to move around on my feet to stop the pain when,
‘STAND STILL SHITEATER’ appeared in large capital letters on my messenger screen.

I chewed the slimy shit gag until it was almost gone but I could not stop the shit drool running out of my mouth down onto my chest. So there were long brown streams of shit dribbling everywhere.  So far it had taken me 20 minutes to chew the shit gag, my feet were screaming in pain when in relief, I  saw the word STOP appear on my screen. I was allowed to remove what was left of the shit gag and remove the handcuffs. But I had to walk in the heels over to the table where I had placed the keys.  When I had done this I knelt before my camera and before my Master.